Beneath the Beech

Season 3 / Episode 1

Not throwing away her shot
Natalie Margolin, Playwright

Season 3 / Episode 2

Gambier takes Manhattan
James Dennin, Reporter

Season 3 / Episode 3

Chace and the case of the hot dog betrayal
Haleh Kanani, Forensic Case Manager

Season 3 / Episode 4

Networking it out
Eli Fadil, Investment Professional

Special Guest

John Green Meets a Famous Person

Season 2 / Episode 1

Fellowship of the Ringo
Sean Decatur, President

Season 2 / Episode 2

Let’s get statistical
Jack Quigley, Math and Economics

Season 2 / Episode 3

Once a Fool, always a Fool
Jonathan Tazewell, Drama

Season 2 / Episode 4

Professor Heidt needs space
Sarah Heidt, English

Season 1 / Episode 1

Have you heard of tree yoga?
Read Baldwin, Studio Art

Season 1 / Episode 2

Virginia Woolf has street cred
Thomas Hawks, English

Season 1 / Episode 3

Move like a dance major
Ian Edwards, Dance and Modern Languages and Literatures

Season 1 / Episode 4

Hay rides are for adrenaline junkies Jon Hansen, Biology

Beneath the Beech

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“The vibe of the videos are ‘Portlandia’ meets ‘Between Two Ferns,’ except specific to Kenyon.”



Tap that face. Swipe left, swipe right. You know what to do.

Bradley Raynor of Rockville, Maryland, is a double major in international studies and film, with a double concentration in frolicking overseas and making pixels. Bradley, who participates in Kenyon’s archery, ballroom dance and film clubs, believes working on Beneath the Beech has made him “hip with the youths.”
Friend 1
Subei Kyle of Woodacre, California, is a film and psychology major who is incredibly funny, talented and kind. Please send offers of work and friendship to subeikyle@gmail.com.
Friend 1
Kale Barber of Lee’s Summit, Missouri, majors in film and minors in English and Japanese. He served in the U.S. Navy before enrolling at Kenyon, where he quickly fostered an interest in cinema. Kale dreams of revolutionizing the art of corporate training videography and marketing his own line of herbs and spices.
Friend 1
Lauren “Tate” Glover of Boulder, Colorado, majors in dance and spends her spare time walking the Brown Family Environmental Center trails to speak with nature and mourn the untimely death of her fish, Captain Snorkels.
Friend 1
Moira Fett of New York City is a film major and member of the student group that runs Horn Gallery. When she’s not at Kenyon, you can find her on a small Connecticut peach farm, protecting the state’s vulnerable peach crops every fall.
Friend 1
Lucy Adams of Hastings-on-Hudson, New York, is a film major and English minor who runs Kenyon’s Cinearts club and has a poodle named Bob. She shares her North Campus Apartment with her roommate, Chace Beech. Chace lives on the third floor and Lucy lives on the second floor, spending her days, quite literally, beneath the Beech.
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